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This will make sure Tailwind removes any unused CSS and minifies the CSS file for best performance. You can't tree-shake unused styles. To get the most out of Tailwind, you really should install it as a PostCSS plugin. To pull in Tailwind for quick demos or just giving the framework a spin...
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Add-ons are made available to help setup certain frameworks that may require a lot of extra configuration or dependencies, such as TypeScript or Vue.js. These add-ons are completely optional and may not support all use cases.
2012-08-21 18:22 pramsey * /trunk/liblwgeom/cunit/cu_tree.c, /trunk/liblwgeom/lwgeodetic_tree.c: ST_Intersects(geography) returns incorrect result for pure-crossing ...
Caching directories (Bundler, dependencies) # Caches lets Travis CI store directories between builds, which is useful for storing dependencies that take longer to compile or download. Note that if a third party project, such as Bundler, changes the location where they store dependencies you might need to specify the directory manually instead ... -remove-application-from-state-store <appId> Remove the application from RMStateStore. This should be run only when the ResourceManager is not running. -format-conf-store : Formats the YarnConfigurationStore. This will clear the persisted scheduler configuration under YarnConfigurationStore.
Upgrade yarn dev dependencies; Some minor code reformatting; 1.4.0. Remove bower support; migrate from LESS to SASS (scss) / for demo and themes; migrate lib from ES5 to a really basic ES6; Remove JSLint support; Add ESLint support based on customized airbnb rules; 1.3.2. add zeroPad parameter fixed Flash of Unstyled Content
Calling `remove_submenu_page()` and then calling `add_submenu_page()` to re-register the screen with a different user capability doesn't work completely because the entry that gets added to the `$_wp_submenu_nopriv` global by `add_submenu_page()` doesn't get removed by `remove_submenu_page()`. Yarn is an open-source package manager for JavaScript. The packages it installs can be cached. This can potentially speed up builds but, more importantly, can Yarn might already be installed in your build environment if you are using the docker executor . With Pre-built CircleCI Docker Images , the...
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